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Hello Dears!
Now I really must apologise for my long, unannounced disappearance from fandom and modding. However real life is always more important.

But I must really protest at the behaviour of some you while I was away. I know there was a mod post not long ago re-enforcing the rules of this comm but I just want to add my two pence's worth.

While discussion does not have to relate to fandom, you MUST keep it civil. Please treat others with respect and like you would wish to be treated. Private lives are not for the comm.

Bans will be handed out to those who break the rules.

And remember- if you don't have anything nice to say, it is best to not say anything at all.

Important Mod Announcement
We realise that lately, Things have been happening between members of this comm, current and former. So we're going to take a moment to refresh everyone of the rules.

  • DO NOT discuss the private affairs of anyone, unless they are your own private affairs. And even then, most people probably don't want to hear about it.

  • DO NOT use this community to attack or harass anyone. I don't care how much you don't get along. Don't do it. If you really hate someone that badly, you might want to consider finding somewhere to go where you won't have to deal with that person.

  • Sock puppetry, hacking, impersonation, et cetera is not tolerated. FROM ANYONE. Consider this your community-wide last warning.

    ETA: This includes account sharing. LJ accounts are easy to set up and free, and anonymous posting is always turned on. There is no reason to use someone else's account.

We will start handing out bans like they are going out of style, starting now, for any breach of these rules. We wish to also make it clear that no-one will be banned on the basis or hearsay or actions taken outside the community. We are not going to ban anybody simply because they are unliked by other members. Period. If it doesn't happen on the comm, it's not bannable. No exceptions.

This is a global warning, and it goes out to all of you. To those who have been playing nice, keep being awesome.

[Post deleted by moderators] DO NOT ENGAGE: cons_detective
A lot of people have been asking lately, and in general, what consulting_detective did to make him such a horrible person. Those people must be relatively new to the fandom, because those of us who have been around for a while know what sort of a lying, cheating, drug-addicted scumbag he is. His actions really hurt the fandom in and caused portions of it to even close down entirely.

So, here's a copy of the original report. Most of these links should still work, since a lot of it either went down here, or happened in a journal that has not been accessed by its owner since 2005, when all this drama went down.

Originally posted by [redacted] on fandom_wank.

Meet power_c, one of the biggest big name fans the Holmes fandom has seen in quite some time. His fan-base numbers in the thousands and his stories have been circulated around the net in various forms, including one very long graphic novel reproduction. In short, fandom loves power_c.

Our saga begins in July, when power_c began looking for someone to illustrate one of his fics. Almost at once, more_arty (remember this name; there will be a quiz at the end) offers his services to the cause, and he and power_c seem to become quick friends. They make plans to both attend the Holmeschat meet-ups, and even seem to be striking up something of an offline-relationship.

Now, consulting_detective is still in the wings, waiting to make his first appearance, when likesthehat puts him onto the idea of going to one of the meets. Which he did, but only for a few minutes. To those present, it seemed as though consulting_detective only wanted to have a quick conversation with power_c, which was something he could have done over PM. Or was it?

You see, this is where things start to get a bit odd. power_c suddenly comes into some money, goes to Europe for a bit, and even makes a sudden announcement that he's quit his job for no apparent reason.

Meanwhile, consulting_detective begins to show his crazy to the fandom. A harmless watchalong post is made, as will occasionally happen in holmeschat. This one for the Great Mouse Detective. All is well until consulting_detective pops up, calling everyone involved an idiot. Never mind that many fans who were children in the 80s and 90s are fans because of that movie.

After returning from Europe, power_c makes a fic post, which is immediately discussed in holmeschat. This is when people begin to notice that something may be seriously wrong. Between the sudden rampant typos, decrease in length, and the general absence from the internet, all manner of speculation is made. Nothing even comes close to the truth, though.

That all comes out in November, when a drugs bust is made at one of the meets. That's right. A drugs bust, with power_c and consulting_detective being arrested. As it turns out, holmeschat mod let_us_trade is a cop, and has been watching this whole thing unravel from the beginning. But it gets better! You see, while they were both arrested, only power_c was actually charged with anything. Meanwhile, more_arty has completely vanished from the internet, and consulting_detective continues to be a tactless bastard.

Edit by Wonko: He briefly vanished from the internet, and his brief posts indicated that afterward, he had gone to live rent-free with his brother, and complained about it the entire time. All indicators were that his extended holiday also doubled as rehab, which more or less confirms that he had been working with the police in getting Carl arrested in the first place.

Then, in July of 06, everything started to make a bit more sense. C_D moved back to London, where his brother (who was probably his police contact the year previous) apparently had set up for him a brand new flat, which he still found a way to complain about. I'm not even going to bother linking to individual comments, because I'd be linking to all of them, but it's clear that his brothers are the reason he didn't serve any time, beyond a weekend in jail.

After that, he either tried to kill himself or OD'ed or something, and then disappeared from the internet again. And then, after all this, he strolled back into fandom as though nothing had happened at all, and took up a new hobby of insulting everyone he came across.

So, does that answer your questions?

Note from Wonko: I've remained in as much contact as has been possible with Carl (which, admittedly, isn't a whole lot) since all this. He's always been a good friend of mine, and continues to be. Those of you who knew him may be delighted to know that he's being released next month.

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Listen Up!
All right, people. This is an information post - any wank will be deleted immediately, understood?

It has recently come to my attention that a certain familiar nick has reappeared on livejournal. At this time we can't tell if it is the same person or just an unfortunate stranger who happened to pick up an abandoned journal name that we have history with here. Until we know otherwise I'm asking everyone to please give this person the benefit of the doubt and treat him as you would anyone else.

Thank you.



look down.

Because if there's one thing the newbies need when they come here, it's a place to find the fandom classics. The stories that became fanon. Those that influenced us all, and continue to do so. I asked my_croft if this was legit, and he said Yes of course, but obviously I couldn't gather everything that was ever written, that'd be impossible, we're the oldest fandom ever. So, all, this is a dynamic post! just add in your favourites, everything you've ever loved about this fandom, everything you think new members of the comm would need to know — your favourite fics, your favourite essays, your favourite fanart, your favourite zines, your favourite characters, your favourite everything! make this fun for everyone, this post must be FILLED WITH LOVE.

I'll start.

under the cut...Collapse )

The Saga of the Anonymous Tipster
Dr Doom
Originally posted by [redacted] on fandom_wank. Copied with permission.

For those who do not know (and how can you not, given what this report is about?), or friendly neighbourhood moderator (let_us_trade) works with the police. Occasionally, he'll post vague blogs about some of the cold cases he's working on, and last week was no exception.

Except, something different happened this time. Some anonymous commenter left a tip on let_us_trade's entry. Tips, anonymous or otherwise, have shown up on his journal before (which may be why he blogs about cases), as you can see here, here, and here. What is odd is that anon signs the comment SH.

The next day, let_us_trade puts up a second post. Whether he's hoping his new friend will come out to play or just posting out of habit is anyone's guess at this point. SH replies again, this time coming back to give more information when LUT questions the initial tip. At this point, holmeschat picks up on the goings on and the speculation begins to run wild (despite the thread title), from the real Sherlock Holmes to LUT himself.

Two more appearances by the mysterious SH, and things start to get crazy. salts_theway, an fellow officer who works under let_us_trade appears to have been shut out of cases. After a few posts (F-locked), it becomes clear that she's been suspended from the job. holmeschat inevitably has a thread about this, but the very first comment to it manages the impossible: completely derails it, stops wank, and promotes (mostly) civil conversation. About comic books, of all things.

The next day, LUT makes a post about how he can't discuss the current situation with salts_theway. Attached to the post is a small bit about a new case, and SH leaves another cryptic clue in the comments.

After this, things seem to calm down quite a lot. LUT stopped posting about cases, which means SH has disappeared. The only updates we have are from salts_theway regarding her suspension.

Until, that is, the 14th. When everything gets seriously weird. It starts with the typical stalking of jumperfucker's journal that has no place on HC -- people flipping their shit over one deleted comment, basically. Shortly after, LUT makes a fairly bland (f-locked) post about the previous night. The post itself is not the interesting part. The interesting part is that when jumperfucker asked what had happened, the response was predictably simple and cryptic. After this, someone realised that consulting_detective had deleted an entry on his journal. Nothing new, since he deletes content from his journal once a week, but so close to LUT and JF's activity, it does raise suspicion.

And then shit got real. w_harry, jumperfucker's sister, made a post outing consulting_detective and let_us_trade as Sherlock Holmes and Detective Inspector Lestrade. holmeschat predictably goes apeshit (thread deleted). Of course, it could be false, except for the confirmation posts, and consulting_detective once again ragequitting his journal.

Add to this that tiger_trap has reactivated his account, the fandom has lost its collective mind. Speculation once again runs wild, proclaiming jim_fromit is Moriarty, storm_ford is Victor Trevor and mscontrarymary is Mary Morstan (read more abut mscontrarymary and her relationship with JF here).

Things eventually cool down until yesterday when it starts to blow up again, after an anon posts about having gone to jumperfucker's home. The anon is immediately speculated to be the Holmes fandom's favourite fan, rakspatel, and soon after that, the macros come out. Also notable is consulting_detective's first proper appearance in all this, when he does the sensible thing and threatens anon with a restraining order (or, at least volunteers JF to file it for him).

And, as it turns out, we should have all probably seen this coming from the very beginning

The Case of the Rabid Anons - Part 3
(Copying from fandom_wank with permission - post originally by [redacted])
[this part was done by jumperfucker - also this post is out of timeline since Harry wouldn't make this post right now  ]

Part 2

We start this chapter off with a rarity when holmeschat is concerned: A good person trying to do the right thing. This partcular anon seems to have realised that jumperfucker and consulting_detective are people who were having a not-very-good time of it, and attempted to use the vast amount of members and traffic to holmeschat to coordinate efforts. A grand idea, you might think.

Well, it would seem as though, my_croft thougt otherwise. The trolling soon reaches critical mass, and after another mod post is made (and wanked all over), the thread that started this mess is finally unfrozen.

The first few comments to the thread are helpful enough, until one anon asks what the point is, and it’s business as usual around holmeschat .

The case of the missing consulting_detective calms down for a bit until a rather vague post crops up some time later. While the post itself is vague, it was pretty fucking clear what it was referring to.

Soon after, jumperfucker returns to the chat post to make a very simple request. Which is met with a fairly clear answer. let_us_trade offers another one of his patented modly smackdowns before making a proper mod post, directing people to the shiny new wank post (VERY NSFW).

Good news in theory, but ultimately pointless, as it has more or less just become an RPF meme. Ah, well.

And speaking of good news (in theory, depending on who you ask), jumperfucker made a post declaring his intent to go to the police. Almost immediately, consulting_detective proves that he's a massive wanker by commenting on the entry. A browser-killing party post appeared in holmeschat as a response, and things remain civil for all of two comments. If course, it's not long at all before the post gets completely derailed by talk of the casting of the upcoming BBC adaptation. Inevitable ginger wank breaks out after photos of Cumberbatch are posted, which just goes in the expected circles. Until consulting_detective shows up and surprises no-one by accusing fandom at large of hypocrisy. my_croft shows up with his usual reminder to CD to be civil, which goes the same as ever until CD is called 'darling.' And no-one knows what to make of that one. CD's post is met by several requests to get off the chat post, and one attempt to stir up RDJ wank.

Despite everyone's expectations, the thread remains largely civil, until one anon shows just how classy holmeschat can be. This time, consulting_detective does surprise people when he puts his venom to good use and attacks the troll.

After this, consulting_detective makes a post wondering when holmeschat turned into 4chan (good question, actually). The thread goes sour almost immediately when let_us_trade reminds consulting_detectve once again to remain civil. CD finds this confusing, and attacks LUT for the singling out of his thread when there is far worse happening on the page. LUT admits to post fail and reposts his warning on the appropriate thread. CD asks for an apology, and after that, the thread just degrades into a battle of the moderators, proving once again that holmeschat is nothing more than the Holmes fandom's /b/ board.

The Case of the Rabid Anons - Part 2
(Copying from fandom_wank with permission - post originally by [redacted])
[OOC notice: this part was done by jumperfucker  - also this is posted out of timeline, since Harry wouldn't do this post atm]

Part 1

The tale continues...Collapse )

Up next: Part 3, where the fandom fucking explodes.

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